Special Orders, Reservations and Layaway

From time to time, we offer our customers the ability to reserve or pre-order an item before we have it in inventory.  In these cases, a reservation fee is charged to reserve your order.  We also may order an item from the factory and ask for a deposit.  Generally, the amount and terms of the deposit and your ability to cancel are listed in an email or in the listing on our website.  Once a order or reservation is placed, it may take an extended period of time for your item to arrive.  We cannot guarantee when that item will ship, but we will keep you informed and give our best efforts to expedite when needed. Cancelling an order that is taking an extended period of time is not without penalty.

For Layaway and holds placed, we ask for a minimum of 25% down payment.  The length of the hold varies, case by case.  For layaway, we do not offer layaway on all items.  If we accept a layaway, we expect 1/2 of the balance after the deposit to be paid in 30 days, and the final payment within 60 days.