Henry Mare’s Leg Lever Action Pistol .22 Magnum




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The.22 magnum is a good improvement from the standard.22 long rifle for individuals looking for a bit more energy, a little better range, and higher accuracy over distance while keeping ammo prices down. While the size of the bullets is identical, the.22 magnum bullets have a longer shell case that holds more powder and therefore greater energy.

You should keep your.22 long rifles with the.22 Mare’s Leg and the.22 magnum rounds where they belong because the cartridges are not interchangeable.  Buy Henry Mare’s Leg Lever Action Pistol 22 Magnum

Mare’s Leg Lever-action Repeating Pistol. 22 Magnum Specs:

Attribute Spec
Caliber: .22 magnum
Action: Lever
Barrel Style: Round
Barrel Length: 12.875 Inches
Finish: Brass/blue steel
Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
Overall length: 24.5 inches
Sights: Fully adjustable rear, hooded blade front
Stock material: American walnut
Weight: 4.5 pounds




Henry Repeating Arms

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