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The Geissele Super 3 Gun (SD-3) trigger is a semi-automatic derivative of the two-stage Super Select-Fire (SSF) combat trigger that Geissele Automatics has developed for customers in the U.S. Special Operations Community. In semi-automatic mode, the SSF performs like a match-grade two-stage trigger that allows precise and accurate trigger control that is ideally suited for engaging demanding medium and long range targets. In fully-automatic mode, where threats are generally encountered at close range and under extreme time pressure, the SSF performs like a single-stage trigger with a smooth, continuous trigger pull.

The Geissele Super 3 Gun trigger has a super short trigger pull and a short reset so that rounds can be sent downrange as quickly as possible while still maintaining superb accuracy. The shortened trigger pull combined with a lightning-quick reset gives this trigger a unique, hybrid trigger pull that is a cross between a traditional two-stage and single stage trigger while at the same time retaining the safety and robustness of the trigger design. The result is a superb, well-balanced trigger that is ideal for high-volume, accurate fire. An S3G-equipped rifle enables the shooter to engage targets more quickly and more accurately than with any other trigger/rifle combination available today. In fact, field tests have shown that the SD-3 can routinely and accurately deliver up to twelve shots on target in an amazing 1.6-1.9 seconds.

A description of the S3G pull:

1) The shooter starts pulling the trigger as his sights become aligned on target.

2) At about 3-1/2 lbs., the trigger starts to move back smoothly, like it’s on ball bearings.

3) After the trigger moves a short distance, the weapon discharges. Nothing precedes the discharge: no second stage stop, no grittiness, no stacking of the trigger pull weight as the hammer is cammed down like on a stock AR15 trigger. The trigger finger feels a sensation of walking along a perfectly flat, glassy-smooth plateau that suddenly drops away.

4) After a short overtravel, the trigger is quickly reset when the shooter slightly relaxes his trigger finger and the next shot is ready to be fired without having to go back to the beginning of the trigger pull cycle.


Product Information

Pin Size Small (.154″)
Compatible With
AR-10, LR-308

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